NAD Debuts New Series of Wireless Digital Music Systems

NAD Debuts New Series of Wireless Digital Music Systems

NAD Electronics unveils the first in a series of wireless music devices under the NAD VISO sub brand - the NAD VISO 1.

Besides offering the docking capability for iPhones and iPods, the NAD VISO 1 also features the new aptX high fidelity Bluetooth wireless capability. Users can now connect to any portable device, regardless of its OS, so long as it has Bluetooth connectivity.

Integrating NAD's highest-end Direct Digital DAC/amplifier technology, which produces complete stillness, the NAD VISO 1 is a high-end sound system built for serious audiophiles.

Meticulously tweaked and refined by pioneering speaker designer Paul Barton, the custom-tooled dock allows playback and charging of iPhones/iPods. On top of that, if they own devices like Sonos or Apple TV, the included digital optical input allows an easy sonic upgrade.

The NAD VISO 1 will be available from 21st Nov at SGD $1199 (inclusive of GST) at authorized NAD VISO dealers.

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