Multiplayer Gaming Goes Full Screen with LG TV

Multiplayer Gaming Goes Full Screen with LG TV


Remember the time when you had to share a split TV screen with your gaming opponent during one of your mano-a-mano skirmishes? Well, those days are numbered if LG has anything to say about it. Known as Dual Play, LG's latest 3D TV technology enables gamers to view their section of the game in full-screen. So how does it work? The principle behind Dual Play is quite simple.

Instead of transmitting different images to the left and right eyes of a single player, the TV sends different images to the left and right players instead. One player dons a pair of polarized glasses with two left-eye lenses, while the player on the right wears one with two right-eye lenses. This enables the gamers to view their own in-game perspective on the entire TV screen. The only caveat is that they'll have to settle with a 2D image. 

Dual Play is compatible with LG's Cinema 3D TVs, including the upcoming LW980 which ships in the latter half of September. According to LG, users can also toggle between the traditional split-screen view or Dual Play. This technology isn't entirely new, for Sony did showcase a similar display at the E3 conference recently. However, it was featured on a smaller 24-inch screen using active-shutter technology. 

To check out LG's Dual Play in action at IFA, hit the embedded video clip below. 

Source: PCWorld

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