MSI's GPU Boost Technology Enhances Laptop Display Performance

MSI's GPU Boost Technology Enhances Laptop Display Performance

MSI has designed GPU Boost Technology for notebook computers which enhances display performance fivefold instantly, so you can enjoy both the superior image processing power of MSI’s discrete graphics card and extended battery power.

MSI’s exclusive GPU Boost Technology, a display enhancement technology tailor-made for laptop users, employs a discrete graphics card that offers the ultimate in image processing performance as you enjoy large screens, high performance, and more battery time per charge. You can switch over at will from discrete graphics card to integrated display chip enabling your machine to strike the optimal balance between multimedia performance and battery power, so that you can squeeze out the most battery time on each battery charge.

MSI’s exclusive GPU Boost Technology works in tandem with Intel’s most advanced processing technology and the high performance ATi discrete graphics card, allowing MSI Gaming, Classic, X-Slim, and F series notebooks to strike the ideal balance between display performance and battery time.

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