MSI Unveils Z68 Mainboard Family

MSI Unveils Z68 Mainboard Family

TAIPEI, Taiwan - MSI has officially launched the latest Intel-Z68 platforms for power users with uncompromising demands for both materials and performance. All Intel-Z68 mainboards from MSI are equipped with MSI-exclusive features: OC Genie II technology and Military Class II materials. The OC Genie II delivers a much more powerful OC performance than its previous generation: In simply one second, users can boost up to 145% system performance for 3D games and even up to 457% hard drive performance. The industry-leading Military Class II electronics components, which meets the United States Department of Defense purchasing requirements to significantly enhance mainboard durability and lifespan, ensure optimal system stability in system OC. Integrating both features, the MSI Z68 mainboards enhance both system performance and system stability to fulfill the uncompromising demands of power users. Furthermore, they redefine the industry standards for high performance and premium quality.

OC Genie II unleashes total system power

The MSI-exclusive OC Genie II can boost stunning system performance within the shortest time and unleash the performance of CPU, memory and integrated graphics all at once. By maximizing system performance in the most stable condition, it saves system tuning time for power users. When measuring with industry-standard benchmarking software such as 3DMark Vantage and PCMark Vantage, the results show that OC Genie II boosts 3D game performance up to 145% and hard drive reading speed up to 457% along with Intel Smart Response Technology.

Military Class II brings top quality and stability

MSI has equipped all Intel Z68 mainboards with the leading-edge Military Class II components. In addition to Hi-c CAPs made with the rare element tantalum and the Solid CAPs with a lifespan longer than 10 years, Military Class II includes Super Ferrite Choke (SFC) that enhances power supply by 30% to ensure ultimate stability and performance for system OC.

Lucid Virtu integrates performance and energy saving

The MSI Z68 mainboards support, for the first time, Lucid Virtu technology for seamless switching between the integrated graphics and discrete graphics card. The Lucid Virtu is a smart system that can make the best resource allocation based on system performance needs. When running 3D games, the Lucid Virtu will automatically activate the discrete GPU resources to meet the exceptional needs of 3D games. In contrast, the Lucid Virtu will switch to the integrated graphics for general word-processing and web-browsing tasks to save unnecessary energy consumption of the discrete GPU. Besides a ground-breaking breakthrough in desktop application technology, the Lucid Virtu is realization of performance and energy-saving together.

Other features:

  • Full AMD CrossFireX and NVIDIA SLI support
  • HDMI and DVI video
  • ClickBIOS
  • Instant OC (Control Center II) delivers independent control for OC and system monitoring
  • Super Charger provides off-power quick-charge of tablets and smartphones
  • USB 3.0 and SATA III standards transfer
  • THX TruStudio PRO delivers the most perfect sound effect


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