MSI Unveils N550GTX-Ti Graphics Cards

MSI Unveils N550GTX-Ti Graphics Cards

Featuring Cyclone II Cooling and Propeller Blade Technology : Runs 23 Degrees Cooler than Reference Board with 20% More Airflow and 10% More Overclocking Potential

MSI officially unveils the N550GTX-Ti Cyclone II 1GD5 and N550GTX-Ti-M2D1GD5 graphics cards based on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti GPU. With 1GB, 192-bit bandwidth graphics memory, the MSI N550GTX-Ti Cyclone II 1GD5 features the new Cyclone II cooling solution. MSI's exclusive "Propeller Blade" technology provides improved cooling performance with 20% more airflow compared to conventional fans. Matched with the popular Cyclone Heatsink, the result is an operating temperature 23 degrees lower than the reference board under full load! The latest MSI Afterburner V2.1.0 overclocking utility can also adjust the GPU voltage of the graphics card, boosting overclocking performance by more than 10% to fully unleash the card's potential. The new MSI N550GTX-Ti graphics card utilizes the latest Military Class components to extend service life and durability. The N550GTX-Ti graphics cards also support NVIDIA's proprietary PhysX and 3D Vision technologies so you can enjoy stereoscopic 3D entertainment in the comfort of your own home!

20% More Airflow with Exclusive Propeller Blade Technology

The MSI N550GTX-Ti Cyclone II 1GD5 graphics card is equipped with the new Cyclone II Heatsink module featuring MSI's innovative Propeller Blade technology. Air channels on the edge of the fan blades expand airflow coverage and increased airflow by 20% compared to conventional fans! Oversized 9cm PWM fans, large nickel-plated copper Heatsink base and high-density circular radiator fins all serve to dissipate heat rapidly away from the GPU, enabling the new N550GTX-Ti Cyclone II 1GD5 to run 23 degrees cooler than the reference board under full load!

GPU Overvoltage Support from MSI's Exclusive Afterburner Overclocking Utility

The latest Afterburner V2.1.0 overclocking utility from MSI not only supports advanced fan speed control based on GPU temperature, but can also store up to five sets of fan speed settings based on different usage scenarios. Real-time monitoring of GPU temperature, frequency, voltage, load and fan speeds give the users complete control over every aspect of the graphics card. The new Kombustor V2.0.0 burn-in utility allows enthusiasts to keep a continuous watch over overclocking stability. An additional feature is the Predator video capture function that allows gamers to capture classic moments in games and share them across the web. Afterburner 2.1 can also be used to adjust the GPU voltage of the N550GTX-Ti graphics cards to increase their overclocking potential and unleash the card's full performance.

Solid State Chokes and Ultra-Long Life Capacitors

The MSI N550GTXTi graphics cards uses Solid State Choke (SSC) to prevent high-frequency “BUZZ” noise from overclocking or high loads. All Solid Cap long-life capacitors also provide over 10 years of service life. The use of these Military Class Concept components reduces the chance of system crashes or instability over time, delivering the most stable user experience.

Support for 3D Vision Display Technology

The new N550GTX-Ti graphics cards support PhysX physics acceleration and 3D Vision technology. With 3D high-definition video set to become the new de-facto standard in visual technology, the MSI N550GTX-Ti graphics cards are without a doubt the best choice for 3D gaming and AV entertainment. The included HDMI 1.4a port supports the 7.1 channel TrueHD and DTS-HD lossless high-quality audio standards to provide the best sound experience.

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