MSI Launches N590GTX-P3D3GD5 Graphics Card

MSI Launches N590GTX-P3D3GD5 Graphics Card

MSI launches N590GTX-P3D3GD5, adopting dual GeForce GTX 500 GPUs with 1024 CUDA Cores and 3GB/768bits GDDR5 memory. Featuring GPU Overvoltage by Afterburner, it can increase OC potential up to 38%. Through NVIDIA 3DVision Surround technology, users can enjoy the 3D games with 3 displays using one N590GTX-P3D3GD5 graphics card; the best choice for the enthusiast gamers.

Dual GPUs Provide Double Performance

MSI N590GTX-P3D3GD5 graphics card is equipped with dual 40nm GeForce GTX 500 GPUs with 1024 CUDA Cores and 3GB/768bits GDDR5 memory delivering the most powerful performance. Through Quad SLI technology, the ultimate performance of dual graphics cards can definitely satisfy the demands of the enthusiast gamer.

GPU Overvoltage by Afterburner

In addition to the advanced fan speed control and burn-in test function, MSI N590GTX-P3D3GD5 also supports overvoltage function of GPU by Afterburner. With the maximum voltage setting, its clock is overclocked from 607MHz to 840MHz as well as its OCcapability increases 38% more. Best OC potential and advanced graphics technology deliver gamers the sleek and vivid gaming experience.

Run 3DVision Surround with a Single Card

MSI N590GTX-P3D3GD5 graphics card features three dual-link DVI ports. With just one N590GTX-P3D3GD5 graphics card, users can experience vivid 3D games with 3D glasses and use three 120Hz monitors with a maximum resolution of 5760x1080 through advanced 3DVision Surround technology from NVIDIA.

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