MSI Launches the N480GTX Lightning Graphics Card

MSI Launches the N480GTX Lightning Graphics Card

The new member of the MSI Lightning graphic card series, N480GTX Lightning, is tailored for extreme overclocking. Using the Power4 architecture to provide sufficient and stable power, the OC potential of the N480GTX Lightning has been significantly increased. With its incredible core clock - 1450MHz - N480GTX Lightning created a record 39281 score in 3DMark Vantage.

Furthermore, the N480GTX Lightning is equipped with a number of the latest MSI-exclusive features, including the Twin Frozr III thermal solution that maintains GPU temperature at 18? lower than the reference thermal design; the GPU/Memory/PLL triple overvoltage functions by the Afterburner utility and the new-generation Military Class Components.

For more information about N480GTX Lightning, please visit MSI Lightning Series:

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