MSI Announces Command Center iOS Version

MSI Announces Command Center iOS Version

MSI announces the exclusive wireless mainboard overclocking software - Command Center for iOS - at the CES 2012.

Co-developed and designed by MSI and Nick Connors, Command Center is the first software to enable monitoring, overclocking, and overvoltage of mainboards wirelessly through mobile devices, allowing users to control main settings of the mainboard anywhere and anytime. 

It allows overclocking software on MSI mainboards to be connected with iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad via Wi-Fi, so the frequencies of CPU and memory modules and other parameters can be adjusted on the fly. The Command Center for iOS is also capable of turning an iOS phone or tablet into a remote control and execute commands such as power on/off, clearing CMOS settings, and more.

MSI will demonstrate the Command Center for iOS with MSI's flagship motherboard, Big Bang-XPower II, at the CES 2012.

Source: MSI

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