MSI Announces AMD AM3 Mainboards Compatible With All AMD AM3+ Multi-Core Processors

MSI Announces AMD AM3 Mainboards Compatible With All AMD AM3+ Multi-Core Processors

MSI officially announced its AMD AM3 mainboards and the corresponding BIOS versions with full compatibility with all AMD AM3+ multi-core processors. By upgrading the BIOS with a few simple steps, users can enjoy the powerful performance of AMD AM3+ multi-core processors without extra expenses. The brand new AMD AM3+ multi-core processors have more cores and larger L3 cache memory capacity. Also, the built-in 2nd generation Turbo Core technology also boosts the performance of the new AMD AM3+ multi-core processors. Along with the latest 32nm process which significantly enhances the electrical specifications, AMD AM3+ multi-core processors will absolutely be the next-generation indicator of performance.

In addition to upgrading all BIOS on the existing AM3 mainboards supporting AMD AM3+ multi-core processors before shipping to correspond to the upcoming AMD AM3+ processors, MSI will post the BIOS of corresponding mainboards with support for the new AMD AM3+ processors for consumers to upgrade their MSI AM3 mainboards in order to meet their demands for system upgrade and experiencing the powerful performance of the next-generation AMD processors.

MSI AM3 mainboards with support for AMD AM3+ multi-core processors and corresponding BIOS versions:

Mainboard Model Chipset Corresponding BIOS version
890FXA-GD70 AMD 890FX A7640AMS.190
890FXA-GD65 AMD 890FX A7640AMS.I20
890GXM-G65 AMD 890GX A7642AMS.1A0
880GMA-E55 AMD 880G coming soon
880GMA-E45 AMD 880G coming soon
880GMA-E35 AMD 880G coming soon
880GMS-E35 AMD 880G coming soon
870A-G54 AMD 870 coming soon
870S-G54 AMD 870 coming soon
870A-G46 AMD 870 coming soon
870S-G46 AMD 870 coming soon
870-C45 AMD 770 coming soon
760GM-E51 AMD 760G coming soon
760GM-P33 AMD 760G coming soon


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