Mozilla Seals the Deal with Google and Readies Firefox 9

Mozilla Seals the Deal with Google and Readies Firefox 9

A recently concluded deal between Mozilla and Google will ensure that latter remains the default search engine for Mozilla's web browsers over the course of the next three years.

Analysts estimate that Mozilla, a non-profit organizations, earns 84 percent of their total revenue from their partnership with Google. The new agreement between the two parties secures Mozilla's immediate financial future.

At the same time, Mozkeeping up with the frantic release cycles, Firefox 9 is now available for download. The major upgrade the new version offers over previous iterations is a JavaScript engine that is 30 percent faster. Bug fixes and improved stability for HTML5, CSS, and MathML are also part of the parcel.

Mozilla finds itself in an interesting phase at present. While the agreement with Google will ensure they can remain operational and afloat, the major threat to their Firefox browser is the rapidly increasing popularity of Google Chrome. While there is a Firefox version based on Microsoft's Bing search engine, we think they need to step up on the innovation aspect if they want to remain relevant in the future.

Source: Mozilla Blog and Mozilla via Arstechnica

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