Mozilla Demos Boot to Gecko at MWC 2012

Mozilla Demos Boot to Gecko at MWC 2012


Mozilla is one step closer to its goal of building a "complete, stand-alone operating system" for the Web with the demonstration of Boot to Gecko (B2G) at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012.

The initial plan was to use some aspects of Google Android kernel to develop B2G but Mozilla decided against it in the end. B2G now uses some Linux codes that include drivers found on Gecko, the free and open source layout engine that powers FireFox. 

B2G's user interface is relatively simple and easy to navigate, which consists of several web apps such as a dialer, message app, browser, camera and gallery. For a beta demonstration, B2G is generally fast in its operation except for some occasional lags due to software bugs. Check out the video guide below on B2G:

By now, it is common knowledge that the a mobile platform needs the support of an app ecosystem to work. Mozilla recognized this point and also gave us a quick peek at Mozilla Marketplace. According to Mozilla, the Marketplace is not built just for B2G but also other mobile platforms as it aims to put in place native-like apps that can run on different platforms. 

The Mozilla Marketplace is now open for developer submissions. App developers who submit their apps will have their names reserved and a chance to be featured when the Marketplace is available to consumers later this year.

Source: Mozilla Labs

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