Motorola Promo Video Targets iPad and Galaxy Tab

Motorola Promo Video Targets iPad and Galaxy Tab

We are quite sure that Motorola has something up its sleeves at CES 2011. First, we had Google's Andy Rubin showcasing Honeycomb on an unnamed Motorola prototype tablet. While that hasn't been the most obvious hint, we figure this video that turned up on YouTube should be conclusive evidence that Motorola has a tablet loaded with Honeycomb waiting to be revealed at CES 2011.

International Business Times - The Schaumburg, Ill.-based company sent out a video to various media members titled "Tablet Evolution," which teases an announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The video goes through a virtual hall highlighting all the tablets throughout history, including Egyptian Hieroglyphics, the Ten Commandments, the Rosetta Stone all the way through to the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. It makes critical remarks of each.

Now this is something you don't see everyday. Lately, there's been a lot more smack talk in the tech industry, first with Apple targeting its competitors with the Antennagate incident, and now this head-on reference by Motorola. This definitely spices things up in the otherwise relatively drama-free tech industry. Check out the full story over here.

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