Motorola Moto X Confirmed; Coming in October

Motorola Moto X Confirmed; Coming in October


It's official - the Moto X smartphone will be launched by October!

Dubbed as the company's next "hero" device, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside made the announcement at D11 earlier and went on to highlight his company's strengths in making phones such as "managing the power of the device" and "managing ultra-low power sensors".

The Moto X is contextually aware and capable of anticipating a user's needs. For example, the device knows that it is in the pocket and when it is taken out of the pocket, the user may want to do something. Woodside provided an example of a user wanting to take a picture and the phone will activate the camera. He went on to describe the things that Motorola is doing right now as "quite exciting". 

More significantly, the Moto X is stated to be the first smartphone to be assembled in the U.S. It is designed, engineered and assembled in Fort Worth, Texas. There are several business advantages that Motorola cited such as: 

  • the ability to iterate on design much faster
  • the ability to create a leaner supply chain
  • the ability to respond much more quickly to purchasing trends and demands
  • the ability to deliver devices to people much more quickly

Images of the Moto X phone were leaked earlier this month with reports stating a release in early July. Telstra Chief Technology Officer, Hugh Bradlow told senior mobile staff that it will be a "game changer" with "real breakthrough" features and capabilities not seen on any smartphones today.

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