Motorola Drives '802.16e Enhanced' Features into WiMAX Roadmap

Motorola Drives '802.16e Enhanced' Features into WiMAX Roadmap

The Networks business of Motorola, Inc. today announced its plan to support "802.16e Enhanced" features in its WiMAX product roadmap, working with ArrayComm to implement advanced baseband technology. This strategy supports an initiative launched by WiMAX industry leaders to accelerate advanced features that increase performance and capacity.

"As many WiMAX operators shift their network focus from initial deployments and coverage to optimization and capacity, there is an increased need for spectral efficiency and that's what 802.16e Enhanced and our integration of ArrayComm technology offers," said Fred Gabbard, vice president of Product Management, Motorola Networks. "WiMAX and OFDM technology are well-suited to address a diverse set of application demands. Advanced performance enhancements - such as beamforming and interference cancellation - allow operators to increase the number of users, data volume and peak rate supported by a given amount of radio spectrum. With these improvements, an operator can add more users and provide a better experience, making a compelling business case even more attractive."

In support of accelerating its 802.16e Enhanced product offering, Motorola is integrating the advanced Multi-Antenna Signal processing technology (A-MAS(TM)) from ArrayComm LLC into Motorola's wireless broadband radio solutions. "Motorola is the leader in 4G systems deployed globally," said Bruce Duysen, President of ArrayComm. "The combination of their best-in-class radio platforms and ArrayComm's A-MAS delivers superior system economics to operators and best performance to end users."

Motorola is driving its WiMAX roadmap with 802.16e Enhanced feature capabilities and benefits, including functionalities aimed at increasing coverage, reducing interference, improving single-user throughput, as well as enabling a reuse of one for WiMAX. The WiMAX Forum estimates these new features have the potential to double peak data rates and increase average and cell edge end-user performance by up to 70 percent while still remaining compliant with the 802.16e standard.

The deployment of 802.16e Enhanced will be a simple software upgrade to Motorola's latest WiMAX solution and consistent with future network migrations. Ultimately, 802.16e Enhanced will help operators meet consumers' demand for constant connectivity and richer personal media experiences.

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