MotionDSP Announces vReveal 2.0 with High-Definition Video Enhancement

MotionDSP Announces vReveal 2.0 with High-Definition Video Enhancement

First Completely-Free Version Provides Consumers with Easy, One-Click Fix for Shaky HD Videos

SAN MATEO, CA, April 21, 2010 - MotionDSP Inc., <> has released vReveal® <> 2.0, the latest version of its award-winning consumer video enhancement software, which now provides support for high-definition (HD) videos.

Plus, for the first time, vReveal software for Windows® is available in a free version ("vReveal") and a premium version ("vReveal Premium"). In both versions of vReveal, video enhancement processing runs up to 5x faster on CUDA-enabled NVIDIA graphics processors (GPUs) than on CPUs, enabling real-time HD enhancement capability.

Available now for download from the vReveal <> and NVIDIA <> websites, vReveal and vReveal Premium make it fast and
easy for even inexperienced users to stabilize, brighten, and sharpen HD videos with just one click. With the built-in ability to upload to YouTube and Facebook, the new vReveal is a compelling solution for quickly fixing less-than-ideal video clips before sharing them online.

“We received a tremendous response to the demonstrations of vReveal fixing dark, shaky HD videos at CES,” said Mike Sonders, Director of Product at MotionDSP. “By offering a free version of vReveal, we're now helping anyone with an HD video camera enjoy a whole new level of video quality.” Consumers expect the HD videos they capture to have pristine quality, but without a tripod, video from any handheld camera will shake. And regardless of camera quality, video captured under less-than-perfect lighting conditions can produce dark, grainy footage. vReveal 2.0 makes it easy for to fix these and other common video problems for consumers in the exploding HD video segment, which IDC expects to account for 60 percent of video camera units sold in 2010, up from 45 percent in 2009.

“Real-time enhancements to HD video were previously unheard of, but NVIDIA GPUs and vReveal make it possible,” said Michael Steele, General Manger of Visual Consumer Solutions. “By pushing the envelope of GPU computing and CUDA technology, MotionDSP gives consumers a great experience when working with their digital media.”


New features for vReveal and vReveal Premium include additional video fixes like Auto White Balance, an all-new set of fun special effects, and faster video-processing performance on both CPUs and NVIDIA graphics processors. As with previous versions, vReveal 2.0 can optionally leverage a CUDA-enabled NVIDIA graphics processor (GPU) to process video enhancements up to 5x faster than with a CPU.

With vReveal, users can fix shaky, dark, and blurry videos, for free. Output resolution for vReveal is limited to SD (480p), and a temporary watermark is applied to the lower-right corner of all exported videos. With vReveal Premium, users can save enhanced videos to HD resolutions, remove grainy video noise and pixilation with the “Clean” feature, and use super-resolution technology to add detail to videos for a better viewing experience on big-screen HDTVs and monitors. vReveal Premium also includes a new “Vintage” effect to give videos an "old home movie" look.

Pricing and Availability

Compatible with Windows PCs, vReveal 2.0 with HD support is available now as a free, no-time-limit download from the vReveal website at  <>.

vReveal Premium is available to new customers for US$39.00 from the vReveal website and is available as a free upgrade to owners of previous versions of vReveal.

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