More Than Half of American HDTV Buyers Refuse to Go 3D

More Than Half of American HDTV Buyers Refuse to Go 3D

When 3D first arrived on the HDTV scene almost two years ago, its presence was met with mixed responses from consumers. Will it reignite mass interest in HDTVs? Or is it destined to fail as another gimmick from the manufacturer's bag?

We have some answers now, at least where the US market is concerned. A recent online survey conducted by shopping and review site,, revealed that more than half of potential HDTV buyers in the States are reluctant to make the shift to 3D technology.

Many television makers had positive hopes for 3D at the onset, but it is apparent now that adoption figures are nowhere near what they've anticipated as time would reveal. One of the primary advocates of the 3D movement, Panasonic, recently announced an annual net loss of US$5.5 billion, while other 3D players like Sony is considering a major business overhaul to rejuvenate its languishing TV sector.

According to the survey results (as highlighted by HDTVTest), only 22 percent of US consumers are planning to get 3D TV for their next HDTV purchase, compared to 55 percent of them who asserted they will not invest in a 3D-ready set. While these results do not represent the rest of the world's opinion on 3D televisions, it certainly does not bode well for consumer electronic manufacturers who are still keen on pushing the 3D element.  

Source: HDTVTest

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