Monster Launches the Turbine Pearl Professional In-Ear Speakers

Monster Launches the Turbine Pearl Professional In-Ear Speakers

Monster is proud to offer its new "Turbine Pearl In-Ear Speakers", the first high-performance in-ear headphones engineered specifically to deliver the kind of reference-quality sound necessary to meet the exacting demands of today's music professionals and discriminating audiophile listeners.

Monster Turbine Pearl: For Serious Audiophile and Audio Professionals

Head Monster Noel Lee personally designed the new Turbine Pearl headphones, utilizing advanced design, engineering and technologies to offer a new level of portable audio performance geared toward serious audiophiles and audio professionals. The new headphones represent the consummation of Monster's approach to headphone design, which is to create advanced personal listening solutions that offer users the same sonic impact, power and performance as reference quality high-end loudspeakers - allowing them to hear all their favorite music the same way the artists and producers originally heard it in the studio.

Along with Turbine Pearl, Monster is also introducing its new high performance "SuperTip" eartips that offer superior noise isolation, while improving the overall performance by preventing sound leakage. Monster's research on eartips has shown that the tip significantly affects headphone performance and must be "tuned" to the headphone. SuperTip eartips are being offered with Turbine Pearl headphones in two sizes, small and large. For those who love the traditional Monster eartips, three sizes are also included, along with traditional foam tips, and two sets of triple-layered eartips, so a perfect fit is virtually guaranteed.

What About the Performance?

With Turbine Pearl, Monster set out to create a compact in-ear listening solution for audio professionals that would literally deliver the same sound that recording engineers, performers and producers hear in the studio on their big wide-range monitor speakers.

Monsterous Extras

To add to the Turbine Pearl audiophile experience, the headphones come packaged with an attractive, super soft sewn pouch and a matching clip pouch that will also house the eartips or headphones. For those who want to carry several kinds of eartips, Monster has engineered soft silicon, "revolver" style holder that neatly fits into the clip pouch.

Notably, Turbine Pearl headphones come with the industry's most unique guarantee. Knowing that professionals and travelers abuse their gear, the company offers a one-time Lifetime Replacement Guarantee - even if users break the headphones themselves. With its all-metal construction and robust strain relieve, Monster believes Turbine Pearl is one of the most durable in-ear headphones ever made.

Monster Turbine Pearl In-Ear Speakers will be available at Harvey Norman, i Studio, and all Stereo Electronics outlets, and retails at SGD$339.

The debut of Turbine Pro In-Ear Speakers is part of Monster's ongoing commitment to improve the quality of the portable audio experience.

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