Microsoft's Battle Plan Against The iPad

Microsoft's Battle Plan Against The iPad

Microsoft initiated a marketing campaign for its business partners recently with a concerted effort to undermine Apple's popular iPad tablet. Its ammo? The iPad's enterprise shortcomings. Although the iPad was designed primarily with consumers in mind, the following news article (and Powerpoint slides within) are testament to the Redmondians' belief as to why Windows 7 is more suited for enterprise needs over the iOS. 

ZDNET - Even though Microsoft’s public stance, when asked about the impact of Apple’s slate is “iPad? What iPad?”, the Redmondians are preparing the company’s partners for battle in 2011. Microsoft is making available to its reseller partners marketing collateral to help them defend against the iPad’s encroachment into the enterprise market. I had a chance to check out a PowerPoint dated December 2010 on “Microsoft Commercial Slate PCs” that the company is offering to its partners to help them explain Microsoft’s slate strategy to business users.

Microsoft's marketing stance is a tad amusing, considering it's almost like comparing an apple to an orange. For example, they highlighted that the consumer-centric iPad lacks enterprise remote device management on the second last slide, whilst Windows 7 devices are able to provide for remote management via SCCM, DA or third party tools. Comical as it may be, truth is, there are a growing number of iPad wielders who are using the Apple tablet for business uses. Hit the jump for more

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