Microsoft to Show Off New Windows 8

Microsoft to Show Off New Windows 8

According to Reuters, current Windows chief will showcase an early version of Windows 8 next week.

Windows 7 has struggled to get any kind of tablet action, thanks to the dominance displayed by Apple with its iPad, and also Android tablets.

This is despite Microsoft being the original champions of the tablet form factor.

Microsoft is hoping that the latest iteration of Windows -- which is supposed to be touch and tablet friendly -- could somehow reverse this scenario, which is slowly chipping away at the company's foothold in the tech industry.

Another interesting point to note is that Microsoft is finally willing to move away from the desktop and laptop based notion of personal computers, which it was dominant over for as long as we can remember.

For consumers, this shift could only mean good things, because most of us are reliant on Windows machines for either work or personal use, and are simply itching to get away from the conventional form factors of personal computers.

The biggest problem that Microsoft could be facing now however, is how to get developers for its latest platform.

If the stories we hear are true, Windows 8 is a brand new platform built from the ground up, and current Windows programs would be incompatible with Windows 8.

Some developers excited about the prospects of working with this platform, even though backward compatibility is an issue -- simply because the Windows operating system is starting to converge with its mobile operating system, just like that OSX is trying to do.

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