Microsoft Reveals Reason for Failure with Bing

Microsoft Reveals Reason for Failure with Bing

Focusing on the wrong end of the search results hasn't done Microsoft any favors, as its search product Bing continues to lose to Google, with its 11.5 percent a far cry from the 65 percent of Google in the US market. According to Bing executives, it seems that the mistake they made was ignoring the long tail of search results. Google on the other hand, focused heavily on the long tail, so it could give better results if someone is searching for obscure objects. Microsoft only targeted the popular results, which meant the results weren't always the better or more relevant - just more popular. - Microsoft fell so far behind Google in the search engine market because it failed to retrieve relevant results for a long line of less popular queries, a senior Microsoft executive told the crowd at the Search Engine Strategies show here March 25.

Such was the key reason Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice president of the Online Audience Group for Microsoft Bing, offered for why Google is light-years ahead of Microsoft in the search market. Google commands 65 percent of the U.S. share search market, compared with 11.5 percent for Microsoft Bing.

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