Microsoft Releases Very First Update for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft Releases Very First Update for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft's very first update for the Windows Phone 7 platform has just gone live. No, it's not the announced Twitter integration and multi-tasking update that was announced at Mobile World Congress 2011. Instead, this is a preparation update for the imminent copy-and-paste feature. The update is specifically aimed at improving the Zune software to deliver future Windows Phone updates to devices, as evident from this update notification below:

If you do own a Windows Phone 7 device, you should receive the notification on your devices. If not, just simply plug your phone to your PC, start Zune, and if required, you'll need to download an update to the Zune software before you can proceed with the actual phone update. You can simply unplug and plug the phone once more to initiate the update, or just go to the Settings  > Update to start the process.

Meanwhile, sit tight, and hold on as we wait for the promised Windows Phone 7 updates in the next few months.

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