Microsoft Releases IE9 Platform Preview

Microsoft Releases IE9 Platform Preview

We all know that even with IE8, Microsoft is still some way behind competing browsers like Firefox and Opera. The software giant however has plans to reduce the gap with IE9, which has now been released publicily to developers in the form of a platform preview. This is not a full-fledged working browser, but a taste of the features in IE9, which includes support for HTML5, a new JavaScript engine and it will apparently not support Win XP.

Ars Technica - Microsoft today released the Windows Internet Explorer Platform Preview to the public. The release is meant to demonstrate the capabilities of Internet Explorer 9 to Web developers while at the same time providing feedback to the IE9 team. Microsoft says it is committed to updating the Platform Preview to keep a more effective rhythm for discussion, and it will be updated every eight weeks or so. Microsoft will share feedback with standards-setting bodies in addition to using it for internal development.

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