Microsoft Releases IE10 Platform Preview

Microsoft Releases IE10 Platform Preview

Microsoft has released a lean version of IE10 for preview, barely a month after the official release of IE9. Note that their latest iteration is still in its nascent phase, where standard issues on a browser such as a Back or Bookmark buttons are still at large. Microsoft will build on the current features of IE9 as well as continued support for HTML5 with enhanced hardware acceleration. 

PCMAG.COM - The team behind Internet Explorer have argued that the fast cadence of release schedules from competing browsers like Google's Chrome and more recently, Mozilla's Firefox, create too much churn and headaches for developers, who have to stay on top of frequent changes in browser capabilities. But that didn't stop them from releasing the first "Platform Preview" for Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) on Tuesday, which Dean Hachamovitch, Microsoft's head of IE, said was already three weeks in development.

According to Dean Hachamovitch, who heads Microsoft's IE team, IE10 was optimized for its underlying OS (Windows 7, if we may risk a guess) so as not to dilute their efforts in catering for varied operating systems such as Mac OS X or Linux. To have a taste of the IE10 Platform preview, click here to give it a go. For more first takes on the upcoming browser, you may check out PC Mag's early assessment here.

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