Microsoft Posts Record Quarter Thanks to Windows 7

Microsoft Posts Record Quarter Thanks to Windows 7

Like the many other tech companies like Intel and Apple which have published sterling financial results for the last quarter, Microsoft is next to report the good news. Thanks to the fastest selling Windows yet, Windows 7, the software giant has hit a new record of US$16.04 billion in revenues and US$4.52 in net income. These figures just about keep Microsoft ahead of rival Apple in terms of total revenues and profits, though Apple has a higher share valuation. Despite these results, Microsoft's shares have dipped slightly after the announcement.

New York Times - As far as Microsoft is concerned, the PC can die another day. Microsoft rumbled to record sales in its last quarter with its Windows and Office franchises performing like faithful old friends. About 175 million licenses of Window 7 have been sold since the product was released last year, making it the fastest selling version of Windows. In addition, both consumers and corporations have increased their purchases of Microsoft’s software, reflecting that a significant PC upgrade cycle has taken hold.

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