Microsoft Patents Game Changing Multi-Touch, Multi-Screen Patents

Microsoft Patents Game Changing Mutil-Touch, Multi-Screen Patents

So now that everyone is involved in the patent wars, with companies suing, counter-suing, and buying patents and what not, Microsoft decided to take some time away from all that nonsense and actually do positive innovating.

TechCrunch revealed today that Microsoft has applied for some patents last year in February 2010, and these applications have only been made public recently but not granted.

Most of the patents are directly linked to tablets, especially multi-screen tablets. There are some book like devices that remind us of the now dead Microsoft Courier, an innovative dual-screen tablet that Microsoft revealed and seemingly killed.

Some of the gestures also reminded us of how the courier would have worked. We can only imagine that these patents would be put to good use in Windows 8, but most of the time, patents are just set aside and not used at all.

There also also some interesting patents that utilise the otherwise useless bezels on tablets to provide input. There are also some which look as though they cover how some current or upcoming Android tablets work. We can all see where that will lead.

To read more, please click here (Via TechCrunch, Via Microsoft News)

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