Microsoft Office on iPad?

Microsoft Office on iPad?

The iPad has seen its share of office suites like Quickoffice, Documents To Go, and even Apple's own iWork suite. However some might feel that these apps don't play well with Microsoft Office files on occasion, and Microsoft Office files need to be opened with Microsoft Office applications.

Well, the wait may soon be over because according to The Daily, Microsoft is preparing an iPad version of their widely used business app to further extend Microsoft Office's market share. The Daily also justified this rumor by adding an iPad statistic -- the iPad makes up 80% of the tablet market.

The Daily estimated the Microsoft Office apps to cost around US$10 each, just like what Apple is charging for their iWork apps, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Also rumored to be in the works is a Microsoft Office Suite that supports Apple's OSX Lion, which is expected to appear sometime after the iPad version.

Source: The Daily

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