Microsoft Mice Get a Limited Edition Chinese New Year Makeover

Microsoft Mice Get a Limited Edition Chinese New Year Makeover

If you haven’t yet noticed, Microsoft has a few Chinese New Year limited edition mice that should be available in Asia Pacific by now.

These time specific limited edition input accessories make terrific gift ideas and are somewhat unique. Who knows, perhaps they’ve Christmas and Halloween editions coming along later this year!

This year marks the Microsoft Hardware division's 30th anniversary. Yes, it has been that long since the original Microsoft Mouse debuted to change the way we interact with our personal computers. In its time, it was perhaps the first form of natural user interface as we learned to adopt using the mouse and unleash the graphical user interface we’ve now taken for granted.

While the Microsoft Hardware division was formed to provide consumers the necessary tools for interfacing with the computer, surprisingly even today, these devices still form the bulk of what they continue to churn out.

Their guiding principles have always been about giving consumers control, comfort and usability in a design most suitable for its purpose. This design philosophy has given rise to one-of-a-kind products such as the Arc Touch Mouse and the Microsoft Touch Moue.

So what’s on the horizon? As much as we pressed Ben Reed, Senior Manager for Microsoft Hardware, his words of wisdom were to use their design philosophy as a guide and our imagination. For now, the Touch Mouse is definitely an indication of their direction of evolving their next wave of devices.

While we await more information of the next input device, Microsoft has been busy with a social project called the Art of Touch to inspire people to create artistic pictures with their mice. In a way, it was a campaign to relate to people on a more social level of the advantages of using mice with touch technology built-in to achieve these creations better. Marketing specifications isn’t exactly an ideal means to convey this convincingly.

The top design submissions even have a chance to get their designs on the actual mice in the Studio and Artist edition series. So go on and give it a shot; you might just become a Featured Artist for Microsoft.

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