Microsoft Mango Released to Manufacturing

Microsoft Mango Released to Manufacturing

Microsoft's Mango is going to be the first major update for their smartphone platform. We can now report that the official branding for the product is  "Windows Phone 7.5" and that the product has reached the released to manufacturing stage in its development cycle. This is good news for mobile network operators and handset manufacturers as they can now begin the final stages of trials for their own applications and products based on the Mango update.

The update has been eagerly anticipated since it will be featuring a host of new features that are going to make the Windows Phone experience more seamless. Both Twitter and LinkedIn will be integrated into the mobile OS and it will also feature the Bing search engine more prominently. However, the version released right now is not the final product and the official software developers kit, which will be out in fall 2011, will have some additional features.

All in all it seems that Windows Phone 7.5 will be adding on to the solid foundations laid down by its predecessor. Microsoft has just reported record revenues for the last fiscal year and if Mango does everything it promises, that record might not stand for long.


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