Microsoft Introduces New Gestures for Surface

Microsoft Introduces New Gestures for Surface

Touch screen technology has been around for quite a while, and the way we've been interacting with it has been somewhat limited to swipe and multi-touch. Microsoft Research, using its Microsoft Surface as its base point, has demonstrated more gestures recognizes the shape of your hand to perform various features. This includes a rock that creates a proxy or uniform scale, a rail to set a barrier and a curved rail to rotate an image.

Gizmodo - Microsoft Surface is a technology that I know exists but wish it was a larger part of my life. And it's getting better! Microsoft Research has been dabbling with Surface and adding new gestures that incorporate your whole hand, giving you more options than just point, point, point.

This goes beyond the usual things we've seen on touch screen devices, where multi-touch is the norm as companies add more gestures revolving around the finger interacting with your screen. From what we've observed, these gestures from Microsoft are more suited for large screen devices, so we won't be surprised if it doesn't make its way onto smartphones or even tablets.

Check out the full story over here and watch the video demonstration here.

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