Microsoft to Expand on Kinect's Voice Navigation Capabilities

Microsoft to Expand on Kinect's Voice Navigation Capabilities

What does Microsoft and Apple have in common? Voice-sensing features does come to mind. According to PC World, Microsoft is set to roll out an Xbox 360 update to expand on the Kinect's voice recognition capabilities. Besides being able to use your vocals as a remote control of sorts, this application will empower you to use your voice to search for online content from a variety of providers on Xbox LIVE and the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. 

This new voice navigation feature will also combine strengths of Kinect's voice recognition traits and Microsoft's Bing search engine. For instance, you can say "Xbox Bing Thor" for a desired search for the movie starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. The device should yield Thor-related results pertaining to games, movies from Zune video, Netflix and other voice-enabled applications. Speech recognition technology is nothing new to the Xbox 360 as we've experienced with Kinect's Voice Command. This latest update, however, does help to integrate the voice-command features in a tighter fashion with the console's menu system. Apparently, Microsoft will also be adding a companion app for Windows Phone which enables you to use the mobile phone as a secondary remote.

The Xbox's voice navigation update will trickle down to users in Canada, U.K and the States over the next few weeks. No official word has been given by Microsoft for users here in Asia, who are, unfortunately, handicapped by limited Xbox online resources compared to their American and British counterparts.

Source: PC World


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