Microsoft Discontinues Kin Phone

Microsoft Discontinues Kin Phone

We've all seen products that sizzled after a lukewarm reception from the consumers. And Microsoft just made it official for one of their products - the Microsoft Kin. In a mere three months, the company has decided to pull the plug on this mobile device, its first attempt to introduce mobile phones branded under their own name.

International Business Times - Microsoft said on Wednesday it had canceled plans to sell its "Kin" phones in Europe this Fall. The company added the internal team working on the Kin phones would be combined with the group working on Microsoft's forthcoming Windows Phone 7 software

Some might see the Kin as a intermediate buffer before the arrival of Microsoft's big delivery, Windows Phone 7. And that could be true, now that the Kin development team has been merged with the Windows Phone 7 team in the months to come. There could be some changes for the new mobile OS, but we won't know for sure till its expected holiday launch. In the meantime, check out the full details of the discontinuation of Microsoft's Kin here.

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