Microsoft Considers Buying Yahoo Again?

Microsoft Considers Buying Yahoo Again?

According to Reuters, Microsoft is considering a bid for Yahoo again after the former's failed attempt in 2008. Yahoo is currently valued at US$18 million and it is reported to be preparing its financial books for interested buyers.

Reuters - Those companies include buyout shops Providence Equity Partners, Hellman & Friedman and Silver Lake Partners, as well as Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba and Russian technology investment firm DST Global, the sources said.

According to Reuter's unnamed source, Microsoft may not go solo in its efforts and will seek a partner in its bid for Yahoo.

Microsoft's strategic buyout of Yahoo is shaped by its belief that it would stand to obliterate AOL as as a competitor and create a strong Web portal that can offer better products to audiences, advertisers and end users.

However, there are also naysayers within the Redmond software giant who believe otherwise, saying that its target of acquisition is stagnant and of low growth value.

Yahoo and the other potential buyers have been tight-lipped and any auction process for Yahoo is still in the early stages.

For the record, Yahoo stated that it is pursuing parallel tracks, sounding out deal options as well as engaging in a search for a new CEO. The former CEO, Carol Bartz was ousted by board members in early September.

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