Microsoft Co-Founder Goes on Patent Rampage

Microsoft Co-Founder Goes on Patent Rampage

While patent lawsuits have been a regular occurrence in the tech business, with some qualifying to be patent trolls, it's not everyday that one of the world's richest men decides to file suit against the biggest names in tech, including Apple, Google, eBay and Facebook among others. However, that's exactly what Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft just did, asserting patent claims developed by his now-defunct tech lab and owned by him.

Wall Street Journal - They're the everyday fixtures of the Internet experience: pop-up stock quotes on a website, suggestions for related reading near a news article, videos along the side of your screen. Now, Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen says he owns the technology behind all these ideas, and he's demanding that some of the world's top Web companies pay up to use them.

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