Microsoft Apologizes to Winner of "Smoked by Windows Phone" Campaign

Microsoft Apologizes to Winner of "Smoked by Windows Phone" Campaign

After suffering backlash for denying the victory to Sahas Katta, a participant in its "Smoked by Windows Phone" campaign, Microsoft backpedaled and issued an apology via Twitter. 

By disabling the default lock screen and placing two weather widgets on the home screen of his Galaxy Nexus, Sahas was able to access the weather information of two different cities faster than the Microsoft Store assistant who pinned two weather tiles on her Start Screen.

According to Sahas, the employees at the Microsoft Store were reluctant to acknowledge his win and gave a vague reason that his phone did not show "two different cities in two different states". 

Ben Rudolph, a senior manager at Microsoft who is also the man behind the "Smoked by Windows Phone" campaign, learnt about the incident and offered a quick apology to Sahas via Twitter for the hassle and issued a rematch on a random challenge. Ben followed up with another tweet offering a free laptop and smartphone.

The "Smoked by Windows Phone" campaign is designed to promote the speed and efficiency by which Windows Phone devices can display essential information such as email, missed calls and social updates on the Live Tiles. Participants in the campaign can get a $1,000 computer if they managed to secure a win in any of the tests that are geared heavily in favor of Microsoft's services.

The Verge had exclusive information that Microsoft ran this campaign with a comprehensive understanding of the competition. Widgets are identified as potential tools which can be used by Android users to outgun Windows Phone.

Despite Windows Phone having a clear advantage in updating social networks, Microsoft also pinpointed the HTC ChaCha, commonly referred as the Facebook Phone, as a serious competitor to watch out. The HTC ChaCha has a dedicated Facebook button to update status, upload photos or check-in at locations with a single press.

Microsoft also knew that social networking apps such as TweetDeck and Siri, when configured to update a range of social networks simultaneously, could potentially be faster than its Windows Phone devices. 

It is a matter of time before Windows Phone lose its edge as Android vendors continue to improve the integration of social networks for their customized user interfaces (e.g. HTC Sense and Samsung TouchWiz) and Apple refining Siri on its iPhone 4S.

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