Metro Browser Race for Windows 8 Heating Up

Metro Browser Race for Windows 8 Heating Up

Mozilla has announced and already started development on a a Metro version of their popular Firefox browser. And while they might have garnered the first mover's advantage, Google has announced that they too will be developing Chrome for the new Windows 8 interface. 

It goes without saying that Internet Explorer 10 will also be optimized for Metro. The hype surrounding Windows 8 might be a chance for IE to cast off its image of being slow, archaic and obsolete, thus making it the butt of multiple internet jokes.

In fact, seeing that Microsoft probably got a tremendous headstart on developing, Internet Explorer looks set to capitalize on the upcoming operating system.

With features such as the ability to pin sites to the desktop along with utilizing the live tiles technology to display updates, much like apps do on your smartphones, Internet Explorer 10 might not be as maligned as its predecessors. It has even adopted the minimalist design aesthetics of prioritizing content above all else.

Chrome and Firefox have been steadily chipping away at the dominance of Internet Explorer in the browser wars. But the advent of touch input and commands for desktops when Windows 8 is released will change the playing field. And the competition will begin anew.

Source: Arstechnica and Mashable

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