MeeGo Gets Ported to Google Nexus S

MeeGo Gets Ported to Google Nexus S

We've heard about MeeGo being the new mobile OS for Nokia's future lineup. But instead of an appearance on Nokia devices, this mobile OS has seen much more action on various other avenues, starting from Google's first flagship device, Google Nexus One, to the recently launched Google Nexus S.

Engadget - You've got to hand it to the Nexus S. In spite of being a souped-up smartphone, it's still unpretentious enough to accept power from a BlackBerry microUSB cable and easy enough to hack that it's just received not one, but two OS ports. MeeGo, in its very raw and unfinished form, has been dropped onto the phone's internal memory without the need for any flashing, and the method has also been successfully used to install Ubuntu on the current Google flagship.

However, what has been ported onto the new flagship Google device is still a very early build. But the point of it is, it can be done, and people have already done it. Now, the real question is - when will we see a final, mass market ready MeeGo device? The answer still lies with Nokia. But in the meantime, you can check out how MeeGo and Ubuntu looks like on the Google Nexus S over here.

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