MC Hammer Launches Search Engine Wiredoo

MC Hammer Launches Search Engine Wiredoo

It seems that success in the music industry is not enough for rappers and hip-hop artists. Puff Daddy spreads his entrepreneurial wings with the introduction of colognes and fragrances, Ludacris has his own Soul brand of headphones and now MC Hammer has decided to launch his own search engine Wiredoo. Yes, you read that right. MC Hammer, the man who made parachute pants a trend in the 90s has decided to launch a search engine.

Apparently MC Hammer thought that while search engines today are very good at retrieving content, they are not as strong at connecting keywords and deciphering relations. With the tagline "Search once and see what's related", MC Hammer wants Wiredoo to provide you better answers to your queries. Further details about the algorithms and architecture behind the search engine are scant.

We for one think Google does a mighty fine job of answering every single question that pops into our heads, but Wiredoo is in pre-beta for those who want to give it a whirl. Let's hope the search engine doesn't stop in the middle of processing queries to shout "Stop! It's Hammertime!" or "Can't Search This!".

Source: Mashable (via Tech Land)

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