Man Hacks Siri To Voice Control His House

Man Hacks Siri To Voice Control His House

Marcus Schappi, an Australian software developer, has revealed how he used a few relatively inexpensive components to hack the iPhone 4S voice recognition app Siri, enabling him to use voice commands to turn his house lights on and off and open web pages on his computer.

Schappi spent just over AUD$120 (S$157) on components for the hack, which works by using a DNS forwarder to intercept commands sent from the iPhone 4S to Apple's computer servers and then forwarding them to scripts running on a proxy server. The proxy server then converts those scripts back into commands which can be understood by his home computer network, such as turning on room lights or opening a web page on Schappi's computer.

Schappi says the only additional electronics required were an Arduino board with an Ethernet port, a couple of Arduino compatible relay modules and a wireless mains remote, all items which, incidentally, his electronics company Little Box Electronics sells. Best of all, the hack doesn't require you to jailbreak your iPhone 4S.

Schappi calls his system the Ninja Board and is hoping to bring it to the commercial market in plug and play form by early next year. Check out the video for a demo of the Ninja Board in action.


Source: PCMag

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