Majority of IT Professionals Admit to Network Snooping

Majority of IT Professionals Admit to Network Snooping

A recent study by Cyber-Ark on 400 IT professsionals, revealed that a large percentage of the subjects have admitted to using their administrative powers to access information that are sensitive, confidential and not relevant to their roles.

Tom's Hardware - Cyber-Ark surveyed 400 IT professionals about how they use their privileged accounts. The survey found that 64 percent of UK IT professionals admitted to accessing information not relevant to their role, while 74 percent of U.S. IT pros admitted to doing the same. Further, 41 and 40 percent (UK and U.S. respectively) admitted they had used their admin password to access information considered to be confidential or particularly sensitive.

We don't want to be paranoid androids, but it's best to be careful what you do at work. You never know who's watching. To read the original article, click here.

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