Major BitTorrent Site Likely to Close

Major BitTorrent Site Likely to Close

One of the more popular BitTorrent sites, IsoHunt is facing the possibility of being shut down, as the court proceedings that had been initiated against it by the MPAA look to have reached the end game. The judge has ruled that IsoHunt must remove all infringing material but given the technical difficulties involved in this, it's likely that founder Gary Fung will choose to close the site.

Ars Technica - The founder of popular Bit Torrent site IsoHunt, Gary Fung, has been ordered to remove the .torrent files for all infringing content—an order that could result in the site shutting down. US District Judge Stephen Wilson issued the order last week after years of back-and-forths over the legality of IsoHunt and Fung's two other sites (Torrentbox and Podtropolis). Fung claims he's still hoping for a more agreeable resolution that won't result in IsoHunt closing its doors, but for now, things aren't looking good for the torrent site.

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