MagSafe Patent for iOS Devices Awarded to Apple

MagSafe Patent for iOS Devices Awarded to Apple


Macbook users will swear by the practicality of the MagSafe power adapters. Tripping on it won't bring your Macbook tumbling off the table since it detaches itself easily, and it's just as easy to slap the connector back to the MagSafe power port. Alas, this innovative concept has always been limited to the MacBook lineup. It makes us wonder why this was never implemented on Apple's tablet portfolio.

Until now. Apple was just awarded a patent to integrate its magnetic cord into its future iOS devices. Now that most likely means your future iPad could have the MagSafe connector, while the iPhones are questionable due to its compact nature.

Here's the million dollar question - does this mean that future iOS devices will come with both a MagSafe port for battery charging and a 30-pin USB connector for data transfers? Or could Apple leave the USB port out of its upcoming iOS devices, given how the company is trying to create a wireless system for its apps, music and videos?

This might be one of the scenarios, but let us not forget that the connector is more than just a power and data port; it also doubles up as the connector for its camera kit to read SD cards and the video output port using the HDMI or DVI connector.

Perhaps, the rumored iPad 3 could surprise us with the inclusion of the MagSafe connector.

Source: Engadget

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