MacBook Air Cleared for Landing

Macbook Air Cleared for Landing

The 2012 Macworld | iWorld Conference has wrapped up in San Francisco and the public has had enough time to digest the products and concepts unveiled. With the passing of Steve Jobs, an expose on the working conditions of their suppliers, and a less than stellar reception (compared to their usual standards) for the iPhone 4S, this event was the perfect time for Apple to reassure their followers that the Cupertino firm is far from done yet.

While the event touched on matters ranging from music quality, updates to Final Cut Pro X and the future of the iPhone, one simple product caught our eye. Created by a former Apple engineer and a few investors, the LandingZone is a dock for the MacBook Air. The dock adds extra ports to the mix and makes it infinitely easier to use the ultra-portable Apple laptop in a more conventional desktop configuration. 

All in all, the LandingZone has a total of four USB 2.0 ports, a 10/100T Ethernet port and a power adapter socket to your MacBook Air making it easier to plug in peripherals. Using crowd sourced funding via Kickstarter, the device achieved its investment targets within 12 days and has already started production of the first batch of units.

Laptops such as the MacBook Air and the current slew of Ultrabooks flooding the markets are designed to offer compact form factor and high portability. But a docking system can help you convert these devices into surrogate desktops. The modularity and expanded functionality of such systems is quite alluring and hopefully the concept of such docks will stick.

Source: LandingZone and Kickstarter via Arstechnica

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