Mac Mini Ditches the DVD Drive

Mac Mini Ditches the DVD Drive

Apple has decided to shed some weight on their new Mac Minis and reduce their size by deciding to strip away the DVD drive. The move will also most definitely help the company slash down prices on their Mini computers, which means more savings for the customers. Seeing that the new OS X Lion is available as a download from the Apple Store and the fact that almost everyone has an internet connection, Apple seems to think that the DVD drive will become obsolete in the future.

How soon this future will arrive is up for debate? DVDs as a medium of storage offer multiple benefits. They can be carried and stored with ease while also being borrowed and lent among friends, which makes them highly popular. On top of it all they are idiot proof since the only effort required on the part of the user is pressing play.

There is no doubt though that DVD drive usage is on the wane, something which we can also personally attest to. But the one time you do need the peripheral device it is for installing an essential program or software because all else has failed. Perhaps a hands on with the new Mac Mini will cast better light on Apple's decision. Plus, worst comes to worst, you can always get yourself an external DVD drive.


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