M1 Restores Disrupted Service

M1 Restores Disrupted Service

To all M1 users who were affected by the service outage, M1 reports that all services should have been restored as of yesterday evening. From M1:

M1 Limited sincerely thank our affected customers for their understanding and patience during the network incident on 18 May 2011.

When the problem first surfaced, the top priority was to restore service to the group of affected customers. To this end, efforts and resources were concentrated on identifying and troubleshooting the affected complex network elements, and the process was complicated by the need to avoid disruptions to all other customers hosted on the other servers. We finally traced the problem to a faulty card in one of our backend systems, and the problem was resolved at 7.30pm.

Our continual priority is to ensure service to our customers and further actions are being taken to enhance the robustness of our network elements.

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