M1 Launches Wireless Security Solution

M1 Launches Wireless Security Solution

M1 has partnered Chubb, a leading fire safety and security service provider, to offer Singaporeans a secure protection solution on the wireless platform for homes, offices and shops.

Available from tomorrow, the M1 Chubb Security Solution is a wireless security alarm system that will alert the Chubb Monitoring Centre and owner of the system of break-ins. It can also be used in an emergency to trigger distress calls for help.

“We’ve leveraged on our strengths in mobile technology and tapped on the expertise of Chubb security services to offer this convenient one-stop protection solution to owners of homes and commercial premises. Similarly, we hope to explore other areas where our technology can help enhance existing services to benefit our customers,” said Mr P. Subramaniam, Chief Marketing Officer, M1.

“The M1 Chubb Security Solution is a comprehensive security and safety solution for homes and offices that incorporates intelligent security sensors, siren and remote monitoring capabilities. In the event of intrusions, users will be alerted by the Chubb Central Monitoring Station and SMS services. We are very pleased to partner M1 to deliver this remote home and office security monitoring service to end users using M1’s reliable network,” said Arumugam Balakrishnan, Regional General Manager for UTC Fire and Security, South East Asia, Chubb.


Unlike conventional alarm systems which utilize fixed telephone lines, the communication with Chubb’s alarm monitoring centre will be via GPRS connection through the SIM card that is inserted into the control panel. Furthermore, connectivity between the devices such as the control panel, motion detector and the door/window contacts will be wireless for this service.

There is added security with this SIM card based service because it removes the risk of communication channels being disrupted when wired telephone lines are cut.

Another advantage of the M1 Chubb Security Solution is its ease of use. As no wiring is needed for the equipment, very minimal set-up is required. It makes the service ideal for use at home and at offices or retail shops.

For $51.36 per month, customers will receive a SIM card, control panel, keypad, motion detector, door/window contact, remote controller and alarm monitoring service in the standard M1 Chubb Security Solution package. There is no additional cost for the standard package and installation.

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