M1 iPhone 4 Price Plans Announced

M1 iPhone 4 Price Plans Announced

Right after StarHub's price plans, M1 has also officially announced its offer for the iPhone 4. Here's the breakdown of the various plans:

  Value Lite Extreme Unlimited
Monthly fee (w/GST) $36 $56 $98 $198
Voice credit (mins) 100 300 700 Unlimited
SMS/MMS credit 500 500 500 Unlimited
Data credit (GB) 12 12 Unlimited Unlimited
iPhone 4 16GB $480 $210 $0 $0
iPhone 4 32GB $620 $360 $60 $0
iPhone 3GS 8GB $360 $60 OR $0 with Take3 $0 $0

As you can see, M1 will be offering the iPhone 4 slightly cheaper for its lowest tier plan, and at only $36 per month. Furthermore, the telco is also offering unlimited data for the $98 similarly tiered plan to StarHub's.

While chances of you going overboard with your voice time and SMS is quite minimal, M1 has also provisioned the possibility by providing an unlimited talk time and SMS to the highest tier plan, which is also cheaper than what StarHub is current offering.

However, if you still have some sentimental for the iPhone 3GS, do note that by comparison, the iPhone 3GS will be slightly more expensive than what StarHub is offering.

For a quick look at StarHub's price plans, read here.

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