LUXA2 Introduces MacBook Accessories

LUXA2 Introduces MacBook Accessories

Your Complete MacBook Solution Including Sleeve, Multi-functional Mouse Pad, Keyboard & Screen Protectors

LUXA2 now offers a total solution for your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air including all-leather protective sleeves, multi-functional mouse pad, screen protectors and keyboard protectors.

Metropolitan Genuine Leather Sleeve for MacBook 11-inch, 13-inch & 15-inch

Using ultra soft and high quality leather, it is the finest protective case for your Macbook. This protective sleeve evokes the essence of simplicity with black leather, fine gray stitching and soft microfiber interior.

SlimCombo 3-in-1 Easy Travel Mouse Pad

This is definitely not your ordinary mouse pad! It works not only as a mouse pad but also a screen cleaning wipe and a screen protector.

Mouse Pad – Personalize your workspace with this stylish and funky mouse pad. Quality surface and non-slip base offer excellent mouse performance.

Screen Cleaner – Surface made with soft microfiber, use it to wipe dirt and fingerprints off your screen.

Screen Protector – Place on top of the keyboard when closing your notebook to prevent keycap marks on your notebook's screen.

K1 & K2 keyboard protectors for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

LUXA2 K1 & K2 Keyboard Protectors are tailor made of durable, non-toxic engineering-grade thermoplastic urethane (TPU). They provide the most comfortable typing experience while offering maximum protection for your keyboard. The thickness of K1 & K2 is 1/5 of the competitors’, promising an unparalleled key sensitivity and response.

AR & HC screen protectors

An excellent screen protector not only prevents visual damages but also protects computer screen from scratches and dirt. Maintaining the image quality and color contrast, LUXA2 AR series uses “Anti-Reflection" technology coating on optical quality PET, which enhances the screen color contrast, maintains image quality and reduces reflection at the same time. LUXA2 HC series uses Hard-Coating technology to protect MacBook from coffee spills, scratches and dust.

LUXA2’s MacBook solution is exactly what you need to protect your precious MacBook Air and MacBook Pro! Available online now on

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