LucidLogix Announces Notebook Graphics Switching Technology

LucidLogix Announces Notebook Graphics Switching Technology

Some of you may have heard of Lucid and its Hydra technology, which allows users to mix and match AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards in a multi-GPU setup. The company now has a new software based technology that looks into switchable graphics on notebooks. Designed to work with Sandy Bridge processors, this technology is able to switch between the integrated graphics on the Intel processors and the discrete solutions added by the notebook vendor to ensure the best performance and battery life.

In short, it is similar to what NVIDIA's Optimus technology does. Click here to read the press release for more details.

KFAR NETTER, Israel & SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The pioneer of multi-vendor/multi-GPU graphic solutions, LucidLogix today announced ground-breaking GPU virtualization software designed for Intel Sandy Bridge platforms. With this technology, next generation PCs will dynamically balance the advanced power-efficient, built-in media features of Sandy Bridge processor graphics with the high-end, DirectX 11 3D performance features of discrete GPUs, while significantly reducing the power drain of traditional entertainment desktops.

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