Logitech App Turns iPhone into Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Logitech App Turns iPhone into Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Seems like even manufacturers are hopping onto the iPhone bandwagon. Though Logitech is primarily a maker of mice and keyboards, they've also released an iPhone app called Touch Mouse that hooks up your iPhone to your PC or Mac via Wi-Fi, and uses its as either a track pad or a keyboard.

Engadget - It ain't the first company to do it, but Logitech's new iPhone app is certainly one of the easiest to get into. Oh, and did we mention that it's completely free to download? Available now in the App Store, Touch Mouse transforms your handset into a wireless trackpad or keyboard, and thanks to its reliance on vanilla WiFi signals, you won't need any proprietary equipment to get it up and running.

More reasons to get an iPhone and ditch your Logitech keyboards and mouse? Not really, because in the end, we'd still prefer our good old physical touch. Though we have to agree that the Touch Mouse app is pretty nifty if you need to have a bigger track pad instead of the default, tiny ones on your notebooks. So if you're interested in getting the Touch Mouse app, hop on over here.

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