Local Version of YouTube Launched in Singapore

Local Version of YouTube Launched in Singapore

YouTube needs no introduction and it is pretty much the largest and easily the most popular online video streaming platform around. Today, Google has launched a localized service for Singapore. Users can visit this localized Singapore site by choosing “Singapore” as the location setting at the bottom of the homepage or going directly to

Singapore joins 35 countries worldwide to have a localized version of the site and is the second country in the Southeast Asian region, after Philippines, to get their own custom tailored Youtube.

The brand new YouTube Singapore differs from the worldwide site by having a local themed masthead along with a new design which is geared to help find videos most relevant to Singapore quicker and with less hassle. Local and global content providers will also be populating the Singapore portal with content that is tied in to its culture and trends.

If you visit the site now, you will see SingTel advertising on the front page and they are partnering up with Youtube bring their selection of media to the Singaporean Youtube Users. At the same time, a licensing agreement has been reached with the Composers & Authors Society of Singapore who will be showcasing local music talent.

Finally, with the localized site in Singapore, the YouTube Partner Program will also be opened to Singaporean video creators. This program enables content creators in Singapore to partner with YouTube and monetize their work on the site through advertising. Applications for the program can be submitted at the following link.

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